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We will take part of a future where critical thinking will be essential to co-create the best incentives towards a better world. The incentives that are capable to change behavior, to update policies and to induce a new purpose in business. We are an active part of future co-creation process, by supporting our ecosystem with an irreverent spirit, deep knowledge, and sound ethical behaviour.


Behavior + Business + Policy

Loyal Ecosystem is a community of interdependent living organisms: we are agents of transformation; our clients are agents of change.

As a living organism, we work together within the ecosystem to deliver the best sustainable business solutions for our clients. Each client is unique. Each client has its own specific solution. This ecosystem is organically designed to embrace future-led challenges. The nature of our clients is entrepreneurial, innovative and risk-taking.

We combine Behavior, Business and Policy units to support our client’s transformation into the 21st Century, where uncertainty, urgency and unpredictability are constant.

If you want to know more about our services, or have transformational challenges in your organization, just reach out to us.

Our Backpack Philosophy

Loyal Ecosystem is a remote first organization with operational bases in Lisbon and Brussels. We are mobile, work from everywhere and use our time flexibly so that professional and personal life matches in the best possible way.

Loyal Team Members are risk takers with a tendency for acceleration. They believe that the world can be better tomorrow if we act, collectively and individually, in a sustainable way. They know exactly what to put in a backpack for a business day and for a leisure adventure. They have the brain and the heart wired by common sense. They have fun at work. And work sometimes makes fun of them. And above all they love people and nature.

If you want to join Loyal, just send us a max 200 words email to loyal.people@loyal-ecosystem.com and tell us why you want to join our team / what will be your impact / prioritize behavior, business and policy to share your fit / provide a link to your LinkedIn profile.



Rua Tomás Ribeiro 6, 1st Left

1050-229 Lisbon, Portugal


Square de Meeûs 35

Brussels 1000, Belgium